Friday, 16 June 2017

Emotional wounds? Bring them to the Eucharist to be healed

2017: Fatima Centenary Year
June 17-18:  Corpus Christi.

...Every time that you go to a Eucharistic celebration, you are near an altar, and you   receive Communion, bring your defenselessness and your emotional paralysis to God. Ask him to touch your body, your heart, your memory, your bitterness, your lack of self-confidence, your self absorption, your weaknesses, your helplessness. Bring your sore body and heart to God. Express your defenselessness in simple and humble words: Touch me. Take my wounds. Take my paranoia. Heal me. Forgive me. Warm my heart. Give me the strength that I  cannot give myself.

Pray this prayer, not only when you are receiving Communion and you are being physically touched by the Body of Christ, but especially during the Eucharistic prayer, because that is when not only are we being touched and healed by a person, Jesus, but we are also being touched and healed by a sacred event.

This is the part of the Eucharist that we generally don’t understand, but it’s also the part of the Mass that celebrates the transformation and healing of wounds and sin.
During the Eucharistic prayer, we commemorate the “sacrifice” of Jesus; that is to say, the event when, as Christian tradition tells us so enigmati-cally, Jesus became sin for our sake. There is a lot packed into that cryptic phrase. In essence: in his suffering and death, Jesus carried our wounds, our weaknesses, our infidelities and our sins; he died in them, and then healed them through love and hope.

Every time we go to the Eucharist, we allow that transformative event to touch us, to touch our wounds, our weaknesses, our infidelities, our sin and our emotional paralysis, and it transforms them into healing, energy, joy and love.
The Eucharist is the source of healing where divine mercy becomes manifest. ..We need to bring our wounds to the Eucharist, because that is where the sacred love and energy that underlie everything that lives and breathes can cauterize and cure everything in us that is un-healthy. 

Extracts from article by Roberto Mena, Spanish edition of Aleteia.